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meet the photographer

Tammie Baker

Hi,  I’m Tammie! Welcome to Yellowdog Images. I know that choosing a photographer can be a little scary but don’t worry, we’re going to have a GREAT time!  


I love telling stories through the lens of my camera, and I believe that no moment is too small to celebrate — whether it’s a high school graduation, the birth of a child, or just a plain old Tuesday afternoon with your loved ones. 

Shooting outdoors in late evenings is my absolute favorite, as there’s just something about “golden hour” in Indiana that makes the most beautiful backdrop for family images — of course indoor images are always an option.  

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people on this journey. Being a photographer is the best job, especially working with families like yours!  I can’t wait to meet you and begin this amazing journey, capturing each special season as your family changes and grows.

Photographer with Yellowdog Images

I love all things photography and I wanted to continue capturing all the laughs and love we shared with families just like yours.

How It All Started

I have always had a camera for as long as I can remember, but I really got serious about photography during my kids' middle and high school sports careers.  As a football, basketball, and track mom, my camera bag has traveled all over the state documenting these incredible adventures. We’ve been blessed to have made these priceless memories that we’ll be able to share with our grandchildren for years to come.

In 2014, I decided to follow my heart and explore the opportunity of opening my own photography business! So with two kids in college, and a full-time job in IT, I converted our two-car garage into my new home studio — and the rest is history! I can't wait to photograph all of your real-life moments.

Kids Images
Sports Images

a few fun facts about Tammie



Our Yellow Lab, Remi was the inspiration for Yellowdog Images.


I’m a wife, a mom and a Mimi to my beautiful family, who I love with my whole heart.


I have a degree in Computer Science and work in IT.


I played basketball all four years of high school.

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