Hello, welcome to Yellowdog Images! I’m Tammie, the girl behind the camera! Through the years several have ask me about our name “Yellowdog Images” where did that come from? Fun fact: Yellowdog Images is named after our amazing Yellow Labrador Retriever, Remi! She truly is the sweetest girl, and she seems to always have a smile on her face. So, it was only fitting that Remi be with me as I started this journey!


I have always had a camera as long as I can remember. My camera bag has traveled to all the high school football and basketball games that our son has been blessed to be a part of. It's traveled all over the state of Indiana as well as out of state following our daughter's high school and college track adventures. Yes, we’ve been blessed to have documented these priceless memories that we’ll be able to share with our grand-kids for years to come. I’m so very proud of my family and have loved capturing them through my camera lens as they navigate and find their purpose in this amazing world we live in. These kinds of memories is why I started Yellowdog Images. I love all things photography and I wanted to continue capturing all the laughs and love we shared with families just like yours.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and Yellowdog Images! I can’t wait to start our journey together documenting your memories one image at a time!





Brownstown, Indiana




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